Karen Vogel When I do a reading I appreciate as much background information as you want to share as well as what particular issues or questions you want me to focus on. My gift as a reader is to see your story and how you might work with it. My readings last about an hour and cost $120.

  • Contact me by e-mail to make an appointment. Let me know two or three times that would work for you.
  • The cards are a useful tool for self-reflection and self-knowledge. They help to bring information from the intuitive and creative parts of ourselves and create a dialogue between different parts of our lives. I also feel that through the tarot I can have a conversation with the Great Mysterious or Goddess or some wise and caring part of the spirit world from which I get insight, guidance and the information I need to understand what's going on.

    It's important to ask a question in a way that the cards can respond with a helpful answer. Often I do a general reading to give an overall picture at a particular time in a persons life. It doesn't have to be any more specific than that.

    Another effective way to formulate a question is to ask for a picture or story showing the results of a particular action. Or what do you have to learn from a particular situation or time in your life.

    I have often turned to the cards for understanding dynamics of a relationship whether it's personal or work related. I will ask about someone in relation to me or visa versa, or for a reading on the nature of the relationship. I can use this information to improve communication and create positive interactions. I don't do this kind of reading in order to have an edge or inside track on someone, so I can manipulate them, or try to coerce them into a particular action. I find that using power over someone invariably backfires and has much worse consequences than whatever short-term benefit I may have gained.


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