Vicki Noble

Although I mainly practice Motherpeace astrology nowadays, I am always happy to pick up the Motherpeace deck and throw the cards for a client. The process for having a reading with me is to send a photo (by email or snail mail) and either 1) order a written reading which I will do at the computer, or 2) make a telephone date for a long distance reading by phone. The reading includes a tape or several written pages. I will respond to all of your questions and concerns, using any number of the many reading layouts I have developed over the years (all of which are extensively explained in my three books).

Astrology has been a passion of mine since 1977, and I have done intuitive astrological readings professionally for over a decade. Through astrology we are able to see the deep structure that holds us, and to reliably explain the events happening in our lives. Most of the clients I see in my private practice (bodywork, natural healing, mentoring, private tutorials in female tantric practice, and intensives on the Motherpeace cards) begin with an astrological session, which is both diagnostic and also profoundly healing. I use the Motherpeace cards to flesh out the readings, providing archetypal images to accompany what would otherwise be only symbols and abstract intellectual concepts. We begin with the natal (birth) chart, and move onto transits (immediate planetary influences affecting the birth chart), and progressions (the deeper, more subtle level of evolutionary movement that can be tracked in the charts).

To receive a Motherpeace Astrology Reading from me, please send a fairly recent photo, some biographical information, your questions and concerns.

This is the most intense and comprehensive type of single session I facilitate. I run the individual charts for both persons (men and women, or same sex couples) and interpret them in depth, including current planetary transits and progressions for each. Then I look at the chart dynamics between the two people, examining the karmic connections, gifts, difficulties, and strengths. Finally I look at the Composite Chart (made of the midpoints between all the planets of the two individuals) which shows the "purpose" of the relationship itself, as well as the current transits to it. (If the couple is married, a chart can be drawn up for the moment of their wedding as well.) Generally this reading is transformative, insightful, and deeply healing for the individuals and the couple. Sometimes couples request that I help them set a date for their marriage or other important events. (Of course, this type of reading can also be done for business partnerships and friendships, parents and children, and so on.)

This reading in person takes at least two hours, usually more like three. By long distance, I need photos and some autobiographical information from the couple, including issues that are UP, ongoing concerns, questions, and so forth. If we do the session on the phone, I will use my speaker phone and tape record the whole session (up to three hours).

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