Dear Motherpeace Friend:

Did you know that you can visit me in Santa Cruz, California, stay in a local bed-and-breakfast, and do intensive one-on-one study and practice with me for three days (or more)? I have been facilitating these private tutorials, which I call "The Sacred Woman" intensive, for several years now with great enjoyment. They are customized for each individual. Below is a more detailed explanation of the work.

The Sacred Female: Tending the Sacred Flame (Private Three-Day Tutorials)

My work is eclectic and complex-a mix of profound knowledge and practices, beginning with feminism as a path to enlightenment, and then building on that foundation through yoga, Buddhism, tantra, shamanism, bodywork, and other forms of spiritual understanding and natural medicine. Informed by thirty years of scholarly investigation and grounded in daily practice, my teaching is original and experiential. The female lineage from which I draw is a holistic underground stream that runs from the most ancient times when women were the unquestioned spiritual leaders and teachers at the center of our human communities, and the "language of the Goddess" was a shared one. My research focus is on tracing this lineage back through time and across continents to its origins in deep antiquity, and to revision the role of women as central to shamanism and tantric practice in all of AfroEurAsia for at least ten millennia.

My teaching does not fit into any orthodox tradition and cannot be described from within any one understanding of contemporary women?s spiritual evolution. However, I like the language of Tibetan Buddhism because it recognizes that the Dakinis ("women who fly") transmit teachings directly to reincarnated teachers without need of institutions. I like the language of Dzogchen because it recognizes the path of sudden awakening (the "path of no path") yet embraces the profound teachings and transformative practices of tantric yoga (the yoga of channels and energies). I appreciate the language of cross-cultural shamanism because it accesses the invisible dimension of magic and healing power, remaining undomesticated and embedded in Nature. I love yoga-not for its bodybuilding capacities but for the medicine it truly is; I have practiced and taught "lunar yoga" (women's yoga) for twenty-five years, from the time of my first kundalini awakenings.

During private tutorials, I share my knowledge (intellectual, emotional,psychic, and physical) in response to the nature of the individual need. It may include independent study (for credit with university programs), female shamanism (including energy work, hands-on healing, and trance), or tantric development (recognition of channels and energies and learning to manipulate these for healing, sexual development, and general awareness). Some tutorials are entirely devoted to becoming proficient and certified in Motherpeace Tarot and/or Astrology.

Structure and Logistics: You fly into San Jose, stay nearby in the local area (Santa Cruz and surroundings), and visit me for 6-8 hours each day for three days. I feed you lunch and facilitate your training in a small studio behind my house one block from the Pacific ocean. You use the evening time away from me to integrate, study, and practice, as well as being on retreat. I am happy to help you with figuring out flights, hotel or bed & breakfast, and so on.