Vicki Teaching in Italy


Dear Motherpeace Friend: An Italian journalist, Pina Piccolo, visited me one day in Santa Cruz and initiated a long, energetic conversation which she has turned into a kind of interview that you can read on her website in English or Italian.Go to her Spirituality page to find the interview. universitadelledonne.

It's somewhat unformatted--long sections where I'm just talking,sometimes answering her, often digressing, together we were musing and commiserating about big issues--it's pretty raw and I'm sure lots of people will not agree with everything I'm saying, by far. But hopefully it's stimulating and it will get you thinking your own thoughts about some of these themes and subjects that we covered. My work in Italy has been very interesting and enriching for me in this last few years. Two of my books have been translated and published there (Shakti Woman and The Double Goddess) and they are working on a translation of my original Motherpeace book now as well. The cross cultural exchange between American and European feminists is always interesting, since we often focus differently on many of the same general issues. I hope you enjoy this little slice of that dialogue. Below are photos that suggest some of the delight in that experience. Blessings, Vicki

Vicki teaching in Italy

The women of Bolsena, Italy, who hosted my Motherpeace workshop last year, and who will host a Dakini workshop for me in October 2008, created this lovely impassioned expression of the Motherpeace Judgement card made of flowers for one of their national catholic feast days, Santo Domini. What a wonderful integration of women's spirituality into the national celebration!

Blessed Be.